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To boyle a Goose with Sausages


Take your Goose and salt it two or three dayes, then trusse it to boyle, cut Lard as big as the top of your finger, as much as will Lard the flesh of the brest, season your lard with Pepper, Mace, and Salt; put it a boyling in Beefe broth if you have any, or water, season your Liquor with a little Salt, and Pepper grosly beaten an ounce or two, a bundle of Bay-leaves, Rosemary and Tyme, tyed altogether; you must have prepared your Cabbage or sausages boyl'd very tender, squeese all the water from them, then put them into a Pipkin, put to them a little strong broth or Claret Wine, an Onyon or two; season it with Pepper, Salt and Mace to your tast; six Anchoves dissolved, put altogether, and let them stew a good while on the fire; put a Ladle of thicke Butter, a little Vinegar, when your Goose is boyled enough, and your Cabbage on Sippets of bread and the Goose on the top of your Cabbage, and some on the Cabbage on top of your Goose, serve it up.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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