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Jacobins Pottage


Take the flesh of a washed Capon or Turkey cold, mince it so small as you can, then grate or scrape among the flesh two or three ounces of Parmasants or old Holland Cheese, season it with beaten Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, and Salt, then take the bottoms and tops of foure or five new Rowles, dry them before the fire, or in an Oven, then put them into a faire silver Dish set it upon the fire, wet your bread in a Ladle full of strong Broth, and a Ladle-full of Gravy of Mutton then strow on your minced meat all of an equall thicknesse in each place, then stick twelve or eighteen peices of Marrow as bigge as Walnuts, and pour on an handfull of pure Gravy of Mutton then cover your Dish close, and as it stews adde now and then some Gravy of Mutton there to, thrust your Knife sometimes to the bottome, to keep the bread from sticking to the Dish, let it so stew stil, till you are ready to Dish it away, and when you serve it, if need require, ad more Gravy of Mutton, wring the juyce of two or three Oranges, wipe your Dishes brims, and serve it to the Table in the same Dish.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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