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Household Hints

To clean the silver spoons and forks in everyday use, rub them with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda, then polish them with a small piece of chamois skin.

Rub salt on the inside of your coffee pot when washing it, and it will remove the coffee and egg very quickly. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly before using it again.

Old lamp burners should be boiled often in strong saleratus water. Let them boil for an hour, polish them, and they will be as good as new, and will not trouble you by causing a smoky light.

Brooms become very brittle in this dry atmosphere; dipping them in hot suds every week will toughen them, so they will last much longer.

Cut old boot tops into pieces the right size, cover with calico, and you have a holder that will not heat the hand.


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