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Time for Boiling Vegetables

Turnips should be peeled and boiled from forty minutes to one hour.

Beets; boil from one to two hours then put in cold water then slip the skin off.

Spinach; boil twenty minutes in uncovered kettle if green color is to be retained.

Parsnips; boil from twenty to thirty minutes.

String beans should be boiled one and one half hours, covered.

Shelled beans require one hour to cook.

Onions should be boiled from forty minutes to one hour, covered.

Green corn; boil ten to twenty minutes.

Green peas should be boiled in very little water, boil twenty minutes.

Asparagus should be cooked the same as peas. Serve on toast with cream gravy or melted butter.

Cabbage should be boiled from one to two hours in plenty of salted water.

Carrots should be boiled from forty minutes to one hour.

Whole potatoes should be put in boiling salted water and boil rapidly in covered kettle from fifteen to thirty minutes according to size and age. Test with the tines of a fork. Drain as soon as tender, remove the cover and set on back of range to dry. If they are to be mashed do not let them stand long.


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