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Bread for sandwiches should be at least one day old. Cut into thin slices of uniform size, remove all crust and then cut into the desired shape either with the sharp, pliable knife or a sharp cookie cutter. The butter should be soft enough to spread smoothly and the most essential thing is to have good bread and fresh sweet butter. Meat for filling should either be sliced very thin or chopped fine and other ingredients minced or mashed to make as smooth a paste as possible and mix evenly with the salad dressing or other dressing used. Sandwiches are better eaten as soon as made. If necessary to let them stand an hour or so, wrap the plate of sandwiches in a dampened napkin and put in a cold place so the bread will not become hard and dry. Be careful not to let the dressing run over the outer edge of the slices of bread. Sandwiches must be dainty to be appetizing and easily handled. Cut the slices as thin as you can and make into small triangles or squared sandwiches, or oblong ones two or three inches long.


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Civic League Cook Book (1913).

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