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Roast Turkey


Select if possible a young turkey, carefully remove all feathers and singe it over a burning paper on the stove, then see that it is carefully drawn and no internals broken; remove the crop carefully; after the head is cut off, tie the neck close to the body, by drawing the skin over it, now wash the inside of the turkey in several clean waters, into the next to the last add a teaspoonful of baking soda, this is to destroy that sour taste which fowls often have, if not freshly killed. After a thorough rinsing and washing of the bird wipe dry both in and outside with a clean cloth, rub the inside with salt, then stuff the body and breast with dressing for stuffing fowls, then sew up with strong thread, rub it over with a little soft butter, sprinkle over some salt and pepper, dredge with a little flour, place in a roaster with a little water and cook from two to two and a half hours, turn it around occasionally so that every part will be browned alike, when it appears done, pierce with a fork and when the liquid runs clear, the bird is done. Serve with cranberry sauce. Garnish with parsley, or fried oysters.


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Attributed to Mrs. George Bruegger.


Civic League Cook Book (1913).

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