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Proper Vegetables and Sauces to Serve with Sirloin Roast

Stuffed white or sweet potatoes, hominy croquettes or any of the foregoing starchy vegetables and any of the preceding succulent vegetables or spinach, young carrots or brussels sprouts. With a baked fillet of beef always serve mushroom sauce and potato croquettes and peas. With boiled fillet, sauce Hollandaise and French salad or asparagus salad. With boiled steak for dinner, stuffed potatoes or potato croquettes, and peas or string beans, asparagus, mushrooms or baked tomatoes. With boiled steak for lunch, French fried or hashed brown potatoes and celery or lettuce. With rolled steak, tomato sauce and baked potatoes and stewed turnips or carrots. With pot roast, boiled potatoes, boiled turnips or baked squash, or cabbage. With boiled corn beef serve cabbage, turnips, greens and boiled potatoes and horse radish sauce. With brown stew, tomatoes and dumplings. With boiled beef, boiled potatoes, string beans or browned parsnips. With hamburger steak, brown or tomato sauce, or stewed mushrooms or sweet peppers. With beef tongue, raisin sauce, carrots and boiled rice. With hot salt boiled tongue, potato salad and rye bread. With baked heart, potatoes, beans, carrots or parsnips. With creamed dried beef, corn bread or mush.


Civic League Cook Book (1913).


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