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Philadelphia Scrapple


Take a cleaned pig's head and boil until the flesh slips easily from the bones. Remove all the bones and chop fine. Set the liquor in which the meat was boiled aside until cold, take the cake of fat from the surface and return the liquor to the fire. When it boils, put in the chopped meat and season well with pepper and salt. Let it boil again and thicken with corn meal as you would in making ordinary corn meal mush, by letting it slip slowly through the fingers to prevent lumps. Cook an hour, stirring constantly at first, afterwards putting back on the range in a position to boil gently. When done, pour into a long, square pan, not too deep, and mould. In cold weather this can be kept several weeks. Slice and saute in butter or dripping.


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Civic League Cook Book (1913).

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