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Measuring Hints

A cupful of liquid means all the cup will hold.

A spoonful of liquid is all the spoon will hold.

Salt, flour, seasoning spices, butter and all salads are measured level.

To measure a level spoonful, dip the spoon into the dry material, taking up a heaping spoonful, then level it off even with the edge of the spoon with a knife.

To measure a part of a spoonful, cut lengthwise of the spoon for the half and crosswise for the quarter.

A tablespoonful of butter should be measured before melting.

A tablespoonful of melted butter should be measured after being melted.

Measure a cupful of cream before it is whipped.

Measure a cupful of whipped cream after it is whipped.

Always sift flour, salt, baking powder, spices, powdered sugar and soda before measuring. If measured in a solid state before sifting much more than the quantity called for will be used.


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