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Layer Sandwiches


These are made of different varieties of bread combined in the same sandwich or of two or more kinds of thinly sliced cold, cooked meat, placed in alternate layers between slices of buttered bread or toast. Cold roast duck, either wild or tame, sliced thinly and placed between buttered slices of raisin bread is nice. Duck may first be dipped in mayonnaise. Cold boiled tongue sliced thin and covered with lettuce mayonnaise and then with a thin slice of chicken or cold boiled ham, make a good layer sandwich. Flaked white fish, spread with minced shrimp mayonnaise and lettuce or minced celery is another. Brown bread and white bread cut as thin as wafers, buttered and spread with cream or cottage cheese and minced olives or nuts and put together in alternate layers then cut through like layer cake into oblong strips or finger sandwiches make pretty luncheon sandwiches. Nut bread and raisin or date bread, sliced, buttered and built in layer sandwiches are delicious. Rings of Boston brown bread alternated with rings of white bread and spread with peanut butter is another popular combination.


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