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Laundry Work

In laundry work different methods must be used for different fabrics. The texture and color of a garment must be considered before method of laundering is decided on. As laundry is the heaviest part of house work one should carefully consider all means by which strength may be saved. A careful sorting of all clothes. Thorough soaking of all articles that will not be injured thereby. A generous use of good soap and a well equipped room for laundry purposes with plenty of good soft water will to some extent lighten the labor. Chemicals judicially used have been found helpful. A good solution for loosening dirt and may be used in soaking the different kinds of clothes including prints and flannels is given out and recommended by the Agricultural school of Minnesota. It is made as follows: Procure 10 cents worth of salts of tartar, 10 cents worth of crystal ammonia, one can of Lewis lye. Dissolve all in a gallon of warm but not boiling water and cork tightly. When wanted for use a teacupful of the mixture for from three to four pailsful warm water will be the right amount to use when soaking clothes.


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