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German Soup


Good, fresh beef and some cracked bone are all important for soup making. The stock when nutritious, and properly prepared, forms the basis of meat soups. To make the stock great care must be taken in boiling the meat. Put your meat on in cold water, enough to cover the meat, set on the stove to boil, for four hours, slowly but steadily; never boil very fast. When meat becomes tender, add salt, skim carefully, repeat until no more skum arises. Now if more water is needed, always add boiling water from tea kettle. In adding vegetables, prepare such as one prefers, pick over and wash them, chop them, take out the meat, strain the stock through either a fine strainer or a cloth, return to kettle, drop in the vegetables, boil until tender. Add also the meat after the bone is taken out; cut it up in medium sized pieces. The vegetables give the meat a nice flavor. I use cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, parsley, celery and potatoes. Now for other soups the stock is prepared the same way. Noodle soup may be made and rice soup; the rice to be parboiled; then there are the egg dumplings, or barley, vermicelli, and many other kinds of ways to have a change. Celery or parsley should always be used as it flavors the stock very fine for any kind of soup.


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Civic League Cook Book (1913).

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