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French Dinner Salad


The dinner salad should always be delicate and light. Heavy meat or fish salads are reserved for luncheon or buffet suppers, where they form the main dish of the meal. The most popular dinner salad is lettuce dressed with oil and lemon juice or vinegar. Cress is often used and of late years bleached dandelions are much in favor. Sliced cucumbers and onion, or sliced tomatoes with shredded lettuce or chopped celery, and the typical spring salad of shredded lettuce, sliced young onions and sliced radishes are all liked. In France the French dressing of oil and vinegar or lemon juice is always used but in America many prefer the richer mayonnaise dressing. In any case the salad is never mixed until time to serve it, and then the dressing should be lightly tossed in when all of the ingredients must be crisp and cold.


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