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Fancy Jellies


Three pints of pineapple juice to one pint of apple juice and an equal measure of sugar makes nice pineapple jelly. A rose geranium leaf in each glass of apple jelly is liked by many. A delicious mint flavor may be given to apple jelly by lining the bottom of a jelly glass with mint leaves or the juice may be flavored with essence of mint or winter green before it is boiled with the sugar. Even red peppers are boiled in their own juice by chopping them and placing them in a double boiler and cooking until all of the juice is extracted. Allow an equal measure of sugar and boil until it thickens and put in small glasses, and serve with cold meats. The seeds of two vanilla beans added to twelve pounds of apples made into jelly, just before turning the jelly into the tumblers makes a delicious jelly for cake fillings and desserts. Rhubarb, apricots and quinces are sometimes used for jelly but are difficult to make unless combined with other fruits rich in pectose like currants and apples.


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