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Currant Jelly


Wash the currants, steam them and fill a large preserving kettle with two pints of water added. Wash the fruit and boil five minutes. Strain through a jelly bag and measure the juice, allowing a pint of sugar to each pint of juice. Put the juice over the fire and boil steadily twenty minutes. Warm the sugar in the oven, add it to the boiling juice and stir well. Boil three minutes. Try a little on a saucer. If it "jells," pour into jelly glasses, placing a silver spoon in each to prevent cracking the glass. Set in the sun until it is firm, then cover with melted paraffine. Another method is to boil the strained juice ten minutes, then add the sugar and boil ten more minutes. This makes a stiff, firm jelly but the first method makes more delicate jelly. Make grape jelly the same as currant, using green grapes if possible. Grapes must be fresh and not over ripe or they will not "jell" nicely.


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Attributed to Mrs. Whitehead.


Civic League Cook Book (1913).

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