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To Mold with Fruit or Flowers

Jelly with a Rose Molded in It and Garnished with Roses


To suspend a bunch of grapes in the center of a form, first pour into the mold a layer of jelly one half inch deep; let it harden; then place on it, and arrange in good shape the bunch of grapes, leaving one half inch or more space around the sides; pour in another half inch of jelly, but not enough to float the grapes; when that has set, cut with scissors the grape stem in many places, so it will fall apart when served; then fill the mold with jelly. Any fruits, or flowers, can be put in in the same way, care being used to add at first only just enough jelly to fix the ornament; otherwise it will float out of place. Plain jellies are more transparent when molded in forms having a cylindrical tube in the center, like cake-tins. The space left can be filled with whipped cream or with fruits, which gives a pretty effect.

Jelly with a Bunch of Grapes Molded in It

Double Molding can be used with good effect in sweet jellies in combination with whipped jelly, Bavarian creams, fruit jellies, etc.


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