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To Decorate Meat Jelly with Truffles

Vegetables and Truffles Cut and Arranged in Designs for Decorating Molds, Molded Dishes, or Chaudfroid Dishes.

1. Vegetables.
2. Truffles.


Slice the truffles very thin; stamp them into any form desired. Take each piece on a long pin, and place it in a well-buttered mold; or for jelly molds dip them in cold jelly, and they will then adhere to the sides of the mold. Arrange the pieces symmetrically in any design. If the truffle is cut in strips, make geometrical forms. Some dishes may be ornamented after they are unmolded by dipping the pieces of truffle in cold but liquid jelly, and then applying them. The latter is the method used for chaudfroid dishes, which are usually much ornamented.

Green peas, carrots, beets, pickles, string-beans, radishes, parsley, etc., in combinations, can be made into various designs.


The Century Cook Book (1901).


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