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Decorations for Meat Jelly: Daisy Design

Daisy Design for Aspic Jelly Forms.

1. Yolk of hard-boiled egg.
2. White of hard-boiled egg.
3. Parsley leaves.
4. Parsley stems.

Slice of White of Hard-boiled Egg Cut into Petals.

Slices of Tongue in Aspic (en Bellevue).
Decorated with Hard-boiled Egg in Daisy Design.
Dish Garnished with Olives Cut in Halves.


Cut a hard-boiled egg into slices one eighth of an inch thick. With a pastry-bag tube or a small round vegetable-cutter stamp circles from the yolk. Cut the white strips diagonally, so they form diamond-shaped pieces. Lay a round piece of yolk in the mold, and the white pieces around it to simulate a daisy; place small pieces of parsley beside it, and use the stem of parsley for the stem of the daisy. This decoration fits very well in a Charlotte Russe mold, or in individual molds. Make two or three daisies on the large mold, only one on the small ones.


The Century Cook Book (1901).


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