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General Directions

Croquettes are simply minced meat mixed with a thick sauce, then rolled into shape and fried. Any kind of cooked meat, fish, shell-fish, hard-boiled eggs, and some kinds of vegetables may be served as croquettes. Croquettes may be plain, using one kind of meat alone, or made richer by combining with it sweetbreads, brains, mushrooms, truffles, etc. Whatever meat mixture is used, the rules for sauce, molding, and frying are the same. The croquettes may be shaped like cylinders, pyramids or chops. The meat should be chopped very fine. (An "Enterprise Chopper" is recommended.) They should be very soft and creamy inside, and should be fried to a light golden color only. Serve them on a napkin and garnish with parsley.


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The Century Cook Book (1901).

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