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Cullums Patent Buttercup Cutter

This is a Machine every Confectioner should have for cutting Buttercups, Drops, etc.

No. 1 Machine is same as No. 2, but is 24 inches long, 3 inches wide, will cut 70 pieces at one movement, and is the cheapest Machine ever put on the market.

No. 2 Machine is 34 inches long, 4 inches wide, cuts 150 pieces, giving them a fine cushion shape and glossy appearance. Cuts three times as fast as any roller. Comparatively no waste or cracked Buttercups with this Machine. Cut represents Lifter, the fingers of which fit into the knives of the Machine so that the 150 pieces of candy can be removed by one movement.

Machine with Teeth to form Buttercup with Stitched Edges.


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The Candy Maker's Guide (1896).

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