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Tomato Sauce


Open a can of Baldwin tomatoes, which contain but little liquid; simmer them gently for three quarters of an hour; season with salt, cayenne, a clove of garlic, bruised, and very little mace. Press them through a fine sieve; put the pulp in a clean, hot stewpan, with a little butter; stir to prevent burning, and, when quite thick, serve.

A most excellent tomato sauce is made of a brilliant red ketchup, known to dealers under the name of "Connoisseur Ketchup." Take half a pint of it; heat it gently; add a gill of rich soup-stock and a teaspoonful of flour dissolved in a little cold water; simmer until it thickens, and serve.

Ordinary ketchups do not have the proper color, and are likely to sour when heated.


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Breakfast Dainties (1885).

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