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Minced Turkey with Poached Eggs


A very appetizing dish is made of cold boiled or roast turkey. Trim off all skin and most of the fat, especially on the back; pick out the little tid-bits in the recesses; cut off all that will not look neat when sliced cold. Season with salt and pepper, and a tablespoonful or two of minced celery; chop up the meat; put it in a pan with a little butter or turkey fat, to prevent burning, and just a suspicion of onion; moisten with a little broth made from the turkey bones. Poach one or two eggs for each person; arrange the minced meat neatly on slices of buttered toast; place the egg on top, and serve.

The above mode of preparing a breakfast dish is not only economical, but is one of the most delightful dishes that can be produced; almost any kind of boiled or roast meat, poultry, or game can be utilized in this way.


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Breakfast Dainties (1885).

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