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Lamb Chops with French Peas


Dainty lamb chops require but a moment's cooking, and, unless care be taken, will dry quickly over the fire; they should be turned repeatedly, and, when done, seasoned with pepper, salt, and the sweetest of sweet butter.

Arrange a mound of peas in the centre of a dish; place the chops around this, and serve. The peas should be cooked as follows: Open a small can of imported peas; drain off the liquid; melt an ounce of butter in a pan, and when it creams, add the peas: shake the pan to prevent burning; add pepper and salt. When the peas are heated through they require no longer cooking, and should be served at once.

The great mistake made by many cooks in cooking canned peas is that they allow them to remain too long on the fire, which spoils them, as they are already cooked, and simply require heating.


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