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Dishwashing Tips

Tumblers which have contained milk should be first rinsed in cold water before washing in hot water.

Never wash the inside of Tea or Coffee Pots with soapsuds. If granite or agate ware is used, and becomes badly discolored, nearly fill pot with cold water, add one tablespoon borax, and heat gradually until water reaches the boiling point. Rinse with hot water, wipe, and keep on back of range until perfectly dry.

Never put cogs of a Dover Egg Beater in water.

Never wash Bread Boards in a sink. Scrub with grain of wood, using a small brush.

To wash Carafes, half fill with hot soapsuds, to which is added one teaspoon washing soda. Put in newspaper torn in small pieces. Let stand one-half hour, occasionally shaking. Empty, rinse with hot water, drain, wipe outside, and let stand to dry inside.

Never put knives with ivory handles in water. Hot water causes them to crack and discolor.


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