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Tomato Sauce For Keeping II


  • 1 dozen tomatoes
  • 2 teaspoonfuls of the best powdered ginger
  • 1 dessertspoonful of salt
  • 1 head of garlic chopped fine
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar
  • 1 dessertspoonful of Chili vinegar (a small quantity of cayenne may be substituted for this)


Choose ripe tomatoes, put them into a stone jar, and stand them in a cool oven until quite tender; when cold, take the skins and stalks from them, mix the pulp with the liquor which is in the jar, but do not strain it; add all the other ingredients, mix well together, and put it into well-sealed bottles. Stored away in a cool dry place, it will keep good for years. It is ready for use as soon as made, but the flavour is better after a week or two. Should it not appear to keep, turn it out, and boil it up with a little additional ginger and cayenne. For immediate use, the skins should be put into a wide-mouthed bottle with a little of the different ingredients, and they will be found very nice for hashes or stews.

Time: 4 or 5 hours in a cool oven.

Seasonable from the middle of September to the end of October.


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The Book of Household Management (1861).

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