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To Pickle Lemons Without the Peel


  • 6 lemons
  • 1 pound of fine salt

To each quart of vinegar, the same ingredients as to pickle lemons with the peel on


Peel the lemons, slit each one down 3 times, so as not to divide them, and rub the salt well into the divisions; place them in a pan, where they must remain for a week, turning them every other day; then put them in a Dutch oven before a clear fire until the salt has become perfectly dry; then arrange them in a jar. Pour over sufficient boiling vinegar to cover them, to which have been added the ingredients mentioned in the foregoing recipe; tie down closely, and in about 9 months they will be fit for use.

Seasonable: The best time to make this is from November to April.

Note: After this pickle has been made from 4 to 5 months, the liquor may be strained and bottled, and will be found an excellent lemon ketchup.


The Book of Household Management (1861).


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