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To Dress Snipes


  • snipes
  • butter
  • flour
  • toast


These, like woodcocks, should be dressed without being drawn. Pluck, and wipe them outside, and truss them with the head under the wing, having previously skinned that and the neck. Twist the legs at the first joint, press the feet upon the thighs, and pass a skewer through these and the body. Place four on a skewer, tie them on to the jack or spit, and roast before a clear fire for about 1/4 hour. Put some pieces of buttered toast into the dripping-pan to catch the trails; flour and froth the birds nicely, dish the pieces of toast with the snipes on them, and pour round, but not over them, a little good brown gravy. They should be sent to table very hot and expeditiously, or they will not be worth eating.

Time: About 1/4 hour.

Sufficient: 4 for a dish.

Seasonable from November to February.

Note: Ortolans are trussed and dressed in the same manner.


The Book of Household Management (1861).


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