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Roast Guinea-Fowl, Larded


  • a guinea-fowl
  • lardoons
  • flour
  • salt


When this bird is larded, it should be trussed the same as a pheasant; if plainly roasted, truss it like a turkey. After larding and trussing it, put it down to roast at a brisk fire; keep it well basted, and a short time before serving, dredge it with a little flour, and let it froth nicely. Serve with a little gravy in the dish, and a tureen of the same, and one of well-made bread-sauce.

Time: Guinea-fowl, larded, 1 1/4 hours; plainly roasted, about 1 hour.

Sufficient for 6 persons.

Seasonable in winter.

Note: The breast, if larded, should be covered with a piece of paper, and removed about 10 minutes before serving.


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The Book of Household Management (1861).

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