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Plain Family Dinners for September II


  1. Fried filleted soles and anchovy sauce.
  2. Roast leg of mutton, brown onion sauce, French beans, and potatoes; half calf's head, tongue, and brains.
  3. Plum tart; custards, in glasses.


  1. Vegetable-marrow soup.
  2. Calf's head à la maitre d'hôtel, from remains of cold head; boiled brisket of beef and vegetables.
  3. Stewed fruit and baked rice pudding.


  1. Roast fowls and water-cresses; boiled bacon, garnished with tufts of cauliflower; hashed mutton, from remains of mutton of Sunday.
  2. Baked plum-pudding.


  1. Boiled knuckle of veal and rice, turnips, potatoes; small ham, garnished with French beans.
  2. Baked apple pudding.


  1. Brill and shrimp sauce.
  2. Roast hare, gravy, and red-currant jelly; mutton cutlets and mashed potatoes.
  3. Scalloped oysters, instead of pudding.


  1. Small roast loin of mutton; the remains of hare, jugged; vegetable marrow and potatoes.
  2. Damson pudding.


  1. Rump-steaks, broiled, and oyster sauce, mashed potatoes; veal-and-ham pie, the ham may be cut from that boiled on Wednesday, if not all eaten cold for breakfast.
  2. Lemon pudding.


The Book of Household Management (1861).


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