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Plain Family Dinners for March II


  1. Roast fillet of veal, boiled ham, spinach and potatoes.
  2. Rhubarb tart, custards in glasses, bread-and-butter pudding.


  1. Baked soles, potatoes.
  2. Minced veal and rump-steak pie.
  3. Somersetshire dumplings with the remains of custards poured round them; marmalade tartlets.


  1. Gravy soup.
  2. Boiled leg of mutton, mashed turnips, suet dumplings, caper sauce, potatoes, veal rissoles made with remains of fillet of veal.
  3. Cheese.


  1. Stewed mullets.
  2. Roast fowls, bacon, gravy, and bread sauce, mutton pudding, made with a few slices of the cold meat and the addition of two kidneys.
  3. Baked lemon pudding.


  1. Vegetable soup made with liquor that the mutton was boiled in, and mixed with the remains of gravy soup.
  2. Roast ribs of beef, Yorkshire pudding, horseradish sauce, brocoli and potatoes.
  3. Apple pudding or macaroni.


  1. Stewed eels, pork cutlets and tomato sauce.
  2. Cold beef, mashed potatoes.
  3. Plum tart made with bottled fruit.


  1. Rump-steak-and-kidney pudding, broiled beef-bones, greens and potatoes.
  2. Jam tartlets made with pieces of paste from plum tart, baked custard pudding.


The Book of Household Management (1861).


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