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Boiled Leg of Pork


For boiling, choose a small, compact, well-filled leg, and rub it well with salt; let it remain in pickle for a week or ten days, turning and rubbing it every day. An hour before dressing it, put it into cold water for an hour, which improves the colour. If the pork is purchased ready salted, ascertain how long the meat has been in pickle, and soak it accordingly. Put it into a boiling-pot, with sufficient cold water to cover it; let it gradually come to a boil, and remove the scum as it rises. Simmer it very gently until tender, and do not allow it to boil fast, or the knuckle will fall to pieces before the middle of the leg is done. Carrots, turnips, or parsnips may be boiled with the pork, some of which should be laid round the dish as a garnish, and a well-made pease-pudding is an indispensable accompaniment.

Time: A leg of pork weighing 8 lbs., 3 hours after the water boils, and to be simmered very gently.

Sufficient for 7 or 8 persons.

Seasonable from September to March.

Note: The liquor in which a leg of pork has been boiled, makes excellent pea-soup.


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The Book of Household Management (1861).

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