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Frying Time Table

Chops or Cutlets, Breaded 5-8 minutes
Croquettes and Fishballs 1 minute
Doughnuts, Drop Cakes, Fritters, Muffins 3-5 minutes
Fish, rolled fillets and slices 5-7 minutes
Fish, whole small, Smelt, Trout, Whitebait 2-7 minutes
Potatoes, Straws, Chips 3-4 minutes
Potatoes, French Fried 6-8 minutes

To test fat without a thermometer, drop a bit of white bread into hot fat; it should brown in:

  • 60 seconds for uncooked mixtures (Doughnuts, Fritters, etc.)
  • 40 seconds for cooked mixtures (Croquettes, Fishballs, etc.)
  • 20 seconds for Chops, French Fried Potatoes, etc.


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